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Ljónin í grasinu / Blóm og selir sem eru líka menn, hluti II
Lions in the grass / Flowers and seals that are also human, pt II


Papier maché

Auður Lóa Guðnadóttir 

Staðir / Places

Safn Samúels Jónssonar, 2021

Made in collaboration with Starkaður Sigurðarson

We can visit Selárdalur and then leave. Take something with us like a stone or a long stalk of straw or a thought or a pamphlet. If we bring something to this place now it is small in comparison to what was here and is here. That is not unusual. Here there were people with dreams and desires, who wanted something, planted trees and built castles. Maybe it is possible to think of all those who have left this place in a way that does not turn them into myths or ghosts.

Text: Starkaður Sigurðarson
Curators: Eva Ísleifsdóttir, Becky Forsythe & Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir

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