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The Muses 

The Tiger

The Swan

The Maiden

The Selkie

The Four Horsemen

size varies

papier maché

Auður Lóa Guðnadóttir


This work is built up carefully, slowly. Layers of wet paper molded onto a base structure, making eventually a shape; recognizable, anonymous, ubiquitous, but personal, they are hand made.

   On a background of sea or air, split by a horizon, pushed further either into unreality or reality by photographing, setting up, posing a narrative, the artist performs a personal mythology, one of ambiguous time and nature, available without answer to a viewer.

   A twist, on femininity, on symbolatry; naïve, playful, open to interpretation, but through a subjective lens. Popular like Barthes, a history from ancient Greek, but constructed like anything else.

Starkaður Sigurðarson


The Mythologies sculpture series was created during an artist residency in Dublin, at MART gallery. The piece consists of several different sculptures and explores how they interact with one another in space and narrative. 

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