Graphics by Ásdís Hanna Guðnadóttir

Artists out and about, 2018.

Artists and museum guests enjoy art and fine weather in Sauðaneshús, 2018.

Graphics by Ásdís Hanna Guðnadóttir


Röstin Residency is an experimental residency where participants have an opportunity to spend quality time with themselves and in the company of other artists. The residency is held every year for the duration of ten days some time in the summer months. The base for the residency is in Þórshöfn, Langanes, in the north east of Iceland.

The objective of Röstin is to create a platform for a diverse group of artists to work on their art, get to know each other, create events and exhibitions and fill the small town of Þórshöfn with life and creative energy.

Curators: Auður Lóa Guðnadóttir, Freyja Eilíf, Hildur Ása Henrýsdóttir and Starkaður Sigurðarson

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